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Financial Analysis & Reporting Services

Through Proper Source outsourced financial analysis and reporting services, you can leverage the cost-efficient and professional services we provide to boost your business efficiency.

Prices start as low as $575 $449/month.

A Complete Solution for Financial Analysis and Reporting

Are you getting the financial insights you need to effectively run your business?

If you’re like the majority of entrepreneurs, you aren’t. Reports are probably late, missing altogether, or put off until the last minute. But you don’t have to keep concealing the chaos: Proper Source provides outsourced financial reporting for business owners who are tired of scrambling. When you choose to outsource business record-keeping, you’ll be able to save time and count on our experts, who have ample experience in keeping financial records for business owners. With solid financial reports in hand, you can make more informed decisions to stay on top of your game. When you need to make a decision quickly, you’ll be prepared, thanks to sound record-keeping for small-business owners from Proper Source LLC.

Bookkeeping Services

As one of the leading accounting outsourcing firms, we will enter data, bill clients, pay your invoices, and conduct collection calls, among other tasks.

Prices at $349

Financial Reporting

Proper Source staff can provide daily, weekly, or monthly financial reporting updates to make sure that you’re in the loop about your finances.

Prices at $449

CFO Services

You'll have a weekly or monthly call with a controller/CFO who will prepare financial performance reports and discuss them with you.

Prices at $499

Tax Services

When you're an Proper Source client, your bookkeeper and controller will give everything to your Proper Source CPA for a complete tax return.

Prices at $395

Common Financial Reports We Provide

  • KPI Reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • Weekly cash-flow forecasts
  • Accounts receivable reports
  • Accounts payable reports
  • Custom internal reports

You’ll receive weekly or monthly reports with our outsourced accounting services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Reporting

  • Save on time, effort, and manpower.
  • Make informed business decisions with our professional reports.
  • Develop a reliable reporting system for accurate analysis.
  • Build awareness of your cash position, profit, and other lifelines.
  • Understand the financial foundations of your business.
  • Avoid crises and plan for future growth.

These are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy if you choose to outsource finance and accounting tasks to Proper Source LLC.

What Financial Reports Will I Receive?

All of our clients get an in-depth set of reports each month to help them make the most from their financial position. Here are just a few of the reports that we provide to our amazing customers.

KPI Reports (Key Performance Indicators):

We believe in the value of analytics. As a client, you’ll be able to set targets for key performance metrics within your company and then get monthly comparisons to see how you’re doing. Track the success of your business across multiple areas of performance including profitability, efficiency, cash flow, and growth.

Income Statement:

The income statement summarizes the costs, expenses, and revenue acquired over a particular period of time. This period of time will usually be a year or a fiscal quarter. This financial report provides information about the capability of the organization to make a profit by minimizing costs and maximizing revenue. The income statement is one of the important statements that are prepared during financial reporting. This report is also called ‘profit and loss statement’, statement of profit and loss’ or ‘income and expense statement’.

Income Statement by Month:

Income statements by month are prepared to provide summarized information for the latest twelve-month period. These statements are displayed for every month.

Balance Sheet:

The balance sheet is the most vital financial statement. The balance sheet displays the organization’s net equity, assets, and liabilities at a specific date.

Statement of Cash Flow:

This statement provides a summary of the organization’s cash flow activities. This includes the organization’s investing, financing, and operating activities. The statement of cash flow also displays the organization’s beginning and ending balances of cash. The statement also highlights the uses and the sources of cash for that particular year.

Bank Reconciliation Report:

The bank reconciliation report presents information about the cash balance shown on an organization’s books at a specific date. This report settles this balance with the amount displayed on the bank statement of the organization.

Payroll Register:

The payroll register displays information in alphabetical order about all the employees who were paid during a particular month. Payroll taxes and other deductions with the gross pay are displayed.

Journal Entry and Check Register:

The journal entry register displays the checks written during a specific month. The register associates the checks with the general ledger accounts that they have been charged to. The register also displays the dates when the check was written.

Business Analysis Report:

The business analysis report provides financial information from the income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. This information is effectively used to calculate key performance metrics. This report can also help you analyze the financial performance of your organization.

Financial Analysis Report:

This report evaluates the balance sheet for the latest month with the balance sheet of the previous month. The report displays the changes in the equity, assets, and liabilities.

Operations Analysis Report:

This report presents the expenses, costs, and sales by category. For each type of sales, the gross profit and percent of gross profit are displayed. This same is done for the expenses. The report displays information pertaining to a particular month and compares information between current and previous years. We can also provide you with management reporting services, sales reports, sales tax reports, and purchase reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourced accounting and record-keeping for small-business owners might be the best way to keep business records! It’s the same as having your own accountant or accounting department, but work is done remotely with our team. When you outsource accounting services, you’ll have all the benefits of meticulous in-house accounting service, but everything is handled remotely to save your staff time and stress. The best outsourced accounting services offer professionalism and accuracy while saving your small business time and money. They can handle bookkeeping, the generation of financial reports, and more!

With Proper Source outsourced accounting, pricing is customized based on your needs. Services can be bought on a weekly, semi-weekly, or semi-monthly schedule. Prices start as low as $575 a month for semi-monthly service, $1,200 a month for weekly service, and $3,750 a month for semi-weekly service.

If you take a look at the pros and cons of outsourcing accounts payable and other financial tasks, you’ll see that there are plenty of benefits, including having an expert staff to take care of keeping good business records for you and saving money. However, sometimes, the pros of outsourcing are balanced by a list of drawbacks. But when you work with Ignite Spot, we’ve removed some of the outsourcing’s typical weak spots.

For instance, some outsourcing services include hidden costs and are vulnerable to scope creep but Proper Source will customize a payment plan for you that provides no more and no less than the exact services you need. We’re always here to adjust and help you save.

Some people feel that they lose control when they outsource, but you’ll always have quick and easy access to your team at Proper Source, so you can keep up to date or relax and let us take the wheel. Others worry about outsourcing financial record-keeping because they’re afraid that their work will be sent to employees in a foreign country. But Proper Source team is all-American, keeping jobs in the U.S. and ensuring that when you call, you’ll be able to talk to us without worrying about communication issues or the schedules in distant time zones.

With Proper Source, we’ve taken care of all of the drawbacks, so you can relax and enjoy all of the benefits of outsourced financial record-keeping for small-business owners, like cost-effectiveness, a proactive approach, and reduced risk of fraud.

  1. Develop a reliable reporting system for accurate analysis.
  2. Build awareness of your cash position, profit, and other lifelines.
  3. Understand the financial foundations of your business.
  4. Avoid crises and plan for future growth.

These are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy if you choose to outsource finance and accounting tasks to Proper Source.

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    What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

    I've been lucky to work with the Proper Source team as a company owner. At a crucial point, they supplied my firm with the important help it required, and they continue to support the growth of my company to this day. I strongly endorse their accounting and business consulting services.  

    Darren Firth
    Rating: 5

    Proper Source Financial Services has been an integral part of our business. Initially, we were looking for general support for Quickbooks. Since that time, Proper Source has introduced us to additional features that have strengthened and boosted our productivity. We are Impressed with Proper Source and our representative's progressivism who offers superb customer service, knowledge,…read more

    Brandon Browne
    Rating: 5

    Recently, we shifted our audit, tax, and company secretarial services to Proper Source, whose team is wonderful to deal with. The audit was a collaborative effort in which proposals were discussed in meetings and over the phone. They are professional, yet friendly, and we feel they exceed our expectations in terms of experience shared and…read more

    Adam Lotery
    Rating: 5

    I love Proper Source. I've been with them for a while now and they're awesome. They organize my financial information so I can make better decisions for my business. I work with Sam for bookkeeping and Holly for tax services. Raisul also checks in with me on a quarterly basis to make sure I'm satisfied…read more

    Janet Santos
    Rating: 5

    We've been a Proper Source client for one year. Sam has been our contact since the beginning. He is super knowledgeable, very responsive, and delivers exactly what we need. I really enjoy talking with Sam and the others at Proper Source. The 'Kaitlyn With a CFO' seminars are well done, so if you haven't checked…read more

    Alex Rubinov
    Rating: 5

    Since we began working with Proper Source, they've been a tremendous asset to our company. They are a really kind and competent group that is always fast to answer. They alleviate the tension associated with our accounting requirements.

    Nick Watkiss
    Rating: 5
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