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With more than 360 satisfied clients and a client retention rate of more than 90 percent, Proper Source Inc is a trusted provider of Amazon Store setup and management services. We provide advanced end-to-end Amazon store setup and management services. Let Proper Source Inc, support you in building a strong presence on, expanding internationally and making your brand a household name. In order to be one of the most reliable, safest & preferred online marketplaces for a number of shoppers who surf daily for online stores in order to fulfill their shopping needs.

We set-up attractive and SEO-friendly Amazon stores that enable online merchants to reach out to a massive audience across the globe, build brand recognition and scale business to new heights. Our teams follow industry-best practices and Amazon’s specified guidelines to list products with their pertinent details, maintaining 99.95% accuracy and absolute data security. We can also efficiently manage customer orders, keep a tab on inventory levels and make sure that your store is up-to-date with all the required information.

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Amazon Seller Central Services

Amazon Seller Central is a platform for marketplace or third-party sellers to list their products on Amazon, providing control over product listings and inventory shipments. It offers a pay-as-you-go option for individual sellers and pro merchant system for large-volume sellers.

Proper Source can help you create effective and well-optimized Amazon product listings so that you can reach out to millions of shoppers, boost product sales and garner higher revenue. Our experts list thousands of items with their details including title, descriptions, images, attributes, category and sub category, pricing, brand & manufacturer part #, etc., with utmost accuracy. We follow Amazon’s product upload guidelines along with the Product Search Algorithm: A9 to help you gain better rank for your items across the marketplace.

Amazon Vendor Central Services

Amazon Vendor Central is a platform used majorly by manufacturers and distributes to sell their items in bulk to Amazon. The portal enables the sellers to manage customer orders, track product information, pricing, inventory and access Amazon Retail Analytics. Registering on Vendor Central is by invitation only. And when you sell through this platform, your product page states “ships from and sold by

If you have the invite to become a first-party seller on Amazon, Proper Source can help you move from Amazon Seller Central to Vendor Central quickly. Our experts hold rich experience and cross-industry expertise in supporting merchants in not only setting up Amazon store but also managing customer orders, processing invoices, tracking shipment and handling returns for Amazon Vendor Central.

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Supports 300,000 visits/mo


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Supports 500,000 visits/mo


Why invest in Amazon Store setup & management?

With half of the market heading to Amazon to search for a new product, it’s critical for companies to have a presence there. An Amazon Store not only demonstrates that your company’s active on Amazon but that you’re also established.

For many consumers, that can serve as a trust signal. Your Amazon Store shows that there is a brand and a company behind a product. That can convince shoppers to add your product — and not a competitor’s — to your cart.

A storefront on Amazon acts as a microsite for your company. You receive a custom URL, as well as a location to showcase your brand and products. Even better, your Amazon Store can feature links to your social media.

That can result in more engagement across your social media platforms. It can also increase the loyalty of these shoppers. For example, when you launch a new product, you can announce it to your social media followers — and provide your followers with a link to your Amazon listing.

It’s critical to note, however, that your social media is more than a promotional platform. If you want to build the loyalty of your target shopper, then you need to make your social media strategy about them. Offer them value with relevant and original articles, as well as sneak-peeks into your business.

When you invest in our Amazon store setup service — or Amazon store management service — you create an immersive shopping experience. They can browse your products without the noise of search results, almost as if they were on your website.

By offering this kind of experience, you can improve not only your sales but also your brand awareness. Better brand awareness can lead to the earlier benefits mentioned, like higher activity on your social media accounts and increase shopper loyalty.

With our account management for Amazon Stores, we can handpick products to promote on your Amazon Store or utilize dynamic widgets to auto-populate your product displays. For example, you may promote your best-selling products to increase their sales even more.

In most instances, your Amazon Marketing Specialist will reference keyword data and use individual shopper insights to customize which products appear on the homepage of your Amazon Store. That way, you’re offering users customized options that appeal to their shopping habits.

Another perk of investing in Amazon Store management services is that they can help your other digital marketing strategies. For example, your social media strategy and content marketing strategy can both benefit from your Amazon Store.

In this scenario, your social media platforms could feature original content from your content marketing strategy. That would engage shoppers that arrived from the social media links on your Amazon Store. Content on your social media, if linked from your website, could also direct traffic to your site.

Why Chose Proper Source Inc?

From adding the basic seller profile information, logo, business information, bank account details, credit card information and return policies through to managing your product listings, customer orders and transactions, we do it all as part of Amazon storefront management services. Our professionals can also adjust your shipping settings including shipping method, ships-from location, etc.

We have an expert team of PHP programmers, eCommerce copywriters and editors, data entry specialists, SEO experts and Quality Assurance & back-office support specialists, headed by a dedicated Project Manager, to help you create, maintain and promote your Amazon store.

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