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Get An E-commerce Web Design That Will Attract New Customers And Really Sell

e-Commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods via the internet. This is how it got its name: “e” for electronic and “Commerce” meaning the exchange of goods and services. e-Commerce is the most modern method of doing business. Emerging with the inception of the World Wide Web, e-Commerce has grown in popularity and as a respected and trusted method of commodity exchange. Today, an individual can go online to purchase almost anything. So too, e-Commerce has made it possible to do banking and financial management online.

A successful eCommerce solution hinges on a variety of factors including accessibility, simplicity and functionality. To ensure your website ranks well in leading search engines, attracts the most relevant customer inquiries and invites consumers to purchase your products, utilizing an experienced web development company is highly important. We take pride in improving the profitability of our clients’ websites and delivering outstanding results.

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Benefits Of eCommerce Website Design

A greatly designed website will surely build a strong trust in your brand and will also increase the reputations in the eyes of genuine customers. The chances of selling product increase in effective volume with a trusted eCommerce brand.


Enables companies to broadcast a wide range of information on a single online portal.

Beat Geographical Limitations:

Allows companies to reach out to a broader range of markets, cutting down on traveling time & other costs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization enables you to attract an increased number of potential traffic through targeted keywords.

Reduce Expenses:

A web e-commerce site helps in minimizing advertising, labor, and real estate cost.

In-Site Promotions:

Enables companies to promote its product with deals, coupons, bargains, and group buying all under one centralized web e-commerce site.

Product Search & Comparison-Shopping:

Enables buyers to quickly look for products and compare prices online.

Why is eCommerce site design important?

For online success, one of the most essential factors is an eye-catching e-commerce site design. It majorly helps in attracting a huge number of clients. Take, for instance, your site has all the required features that can help a web browser view your products online and enables easy transaction, but if it fails to attract an increasing number of visitors, the site is considered useless. In a situation as such, a striking e-commerce site design impresses your customers and encourages them to visit your site time and again.

E-commerce Solution with 12 Years Experience! Raise the bar for your customers with an online experience that exceeds their expectations and enhances your ROI.

  • Our eCommerce projects are designed to drive traffic, increase leads, and convert browsers into buyers.
  • As your business evolves, so should your digital presence with the help of ongoing marketing strategies to help track and respond to dynamic trends in your industry.
  • Whether you’re just starting out, or branching into new ventures, we will work with your budget and resources to create an efficient eCommerce solution.

Build High Converting ECommerce Website

Start selling your products or services online with e-commerce packages from Proper Source. With our e-commerce website packages, a custom design and search engine optimization (SEO) come standard, with the option to add additional features, like a content management system (CMS). Learn more about our ecommerce website packages (and prices) by building yours now!

Prices for Ecommerce Web Design Starting at $999 $499

Frequently Asked Questions

An online e-commerce site is not just a website that sells goods and services, it is a complicated system that handles orders, payments, shipping, resources, inventory, taxes, offers, reports, coupons and much more. If you need a tool to take your business into this market, then you’ll need someone with the experience and creativity to make it possible.

Proper Source LLC have the knowledge and experience to provide you a beautiful online store that not only look and work great, but will prove to be an asset your company needs to bring in new customers and help you re-sell to your current clients.

We are a successful company dedicated to our customers with the knowledge and the capabilities needed to deliver you with the best options for your business. We will create a custom website for you with all the features you need to run a successful online business and we make sure you’ll get a unique website that represent your company and you’ll be proud of. All this for less money others will ask for half of the quality and uniqueness we provide.

People will buy from vendors they trust. With that in mind, you’ll want to show them that what you have is an amazing website. Having a great design, a functional and easy-to-use shopping cart and a hassle free shopping experience will make the difference! Most businesses start with an e-commerce website, but even if you already have a website “Proper Source LLC” can easily add an E-commerce solution to your site.

If you already have a website, converting a quality website into an e-commerce can turn your site into a money machine. There are a number of choices that you’ll need to make when deciding how to transform your site into a successful online store. While looking for a company to create or convert your existing site into an online store you should be careful. If your new site doesn’t inspire confidence or is poorly designed it will be avoided for fear of fraud and theft. Many of our customers come to us after passing such awful experiences and we have proven ourselves to them. Many of them even come back again to add more features to their online stores!

All of our designs are 100% guaranteed. This means that if you are not completely happy the first tome we send you your website, we will keep working on it until you are ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED! The most important detail to keep in mind is this; An E-commerce website is an investment. There will be a return to your investment, but only if you do it right the first time.

Wether you’re looking to update your current website or wants to start to accept payments online, this is the right choice for you. Online sales is one of the driving forces of our economy and is set to grow even more in the next years. Get in touch with us and see how you can get on.

Proper Source LLC uses the latest technologies to ensure your website will always be up to date with the latest trends and best practices. Some of the languages we use include: HTML5, JQuery, PHP5, MySQL, JSON, XHTML, XML, just to name a few.

One of our developers will discussed your project with you in detail, and then you’ll receive a formal proposal with all the details of your project within the hour. Once you agree to the terms of your proposal, we’ll ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire about your company and your goals for the website.

Once we have that information, we’ll start designing the look and feel of your website. If you are not happy with our first design, we’ll re-do it until you are ABSOLUTELY HAPPY with it. While the vast majority of our customers approve their designs on the first submission, we won’t be happy until you are.

There’s a reason our name is Proper Source LLC. We have delivered complete websites within 10hrs after the proposal was accepted. That being said, the scope of the project and the functionality you require can have an impact on the time frame for your site. Most of our sites are completed within 2-3 weeks from the proposal acceptance and provision of content.

Our professional web design services are extremely affordable. Most of our clients would say our prices are “cheap”, but we prefer the term: “affordable”. Anyone who has worked with a “cheap” web company knows that the results can only be described as, well, “cheap.” We are proud to be an Affordable (not cheap!) web design agency.

We’ve been Designing websites for more than 10 years. Proper Source LLC can create a unique website that will make your company stand out from the competition. Get started today and create a website that your customers will love and is sure to boost your business profile.

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    I've been lucky to work with the Proper Source team as a company owner. At a crucial point, they supplied my firm with the important help it required, and they continue to support the growth of my company to this day. I strongly endorse their accounting and business consulting services.  

    Darren Firth
    Rating: 5

    We have benefited from Proper Source for many years. The team's skills and knowledge of small healthcare organizations have always impressed us. They take a personalized, proactive approach to assist us with the financial management of our Practice, and they are constantly accessible through phone or email.  

    Dustin Walper
    Rating: 5

    Recently, we shifted our audit, tax, and company secretarial services to Proper Source, whose team is wonderful to deal with. The audit was a collaborative effort in which proposals were discussed in meetings and over the phone. They are professional, yet friendly, and we feel they exceed our expectations in terms of experience shared and…read more

    Adam Lotery
    Rating: 5

    Proper Source stays abreast with our company activities in order to assist us in making crucial decisions. Explain the financial concerns to us in a way we can comprehend!  

    Bruno Kaiser
    Rating: 5

    Since we began working with Proper Source, they've been a tremendous asset to our company. They are a really kind and competent group that is always fast to answer. They alleviate the tension associated with our accounting requirements.

    Nick Watkiss
    Rating: 5

    I have built my own web site before that people said looked gorgeous, but the support and attention to detail that Proper Source gave to my business allowed me to accomplish my online marketing goals with a much cleaner and more efficient organization to the site as a whole. They ensured that SEO was optimized…read more

    Shital Parikh
    Rating: 5

    These people are good. Don’t try to understand what they understand, just trust them and roll with it. I have worked with Sam and Raisul. My business came to life! I will continue to work c them for the life of my business, because of their skills and their affordability.

    Gailen David
    Rating: 5

    We have been working with Proper Source for a little over a year for SEO and SEM. Their knowledge and understanding of the Google ecosystem are incredible. They are always available to answer any questions we may have and move swiftly to make any changes needed. We are great partners and our relationship grows every…read more

    Andrew Kirsch
    Rating: 5

    We could not have found a better team to work with than Proper Source. They are very knowledgeable and always provide us with fast and efficient service. Sam and Raisul are a pleasure to work with. Thanks, guys!

    Ronny Esquenazi
    Rating: 5

    We selected Proper Source for their technical expertise and creative mindset, knowing that they were not familiar with our particular industry or customer base. To their credit, they worked diligently with us to learn and understand our business and then used that knowledge to develop a dynamic and responsive web site that creatively communicates our…read more

    Juan Concepcion
    Rating: 5
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